Welcome at Governance Academy

Welcome at Governance Academy (GA), with eight programme directors, over sixty teachers, some actors and our secretariat one of the largest and most international boards & governance training institutes of the Netherlands. Established in 2005, we provide a growing number of courses for governance professionals.

Our mission is to support organisations and business sectors (for-profit as well as not-for-profit) in professionalising their corporate governance and board effectiveness. 

GA aims at knowledge development of board members and enablers (like company secretaries or professional shareholders) by means of publications and professional governance courses. 

We collaborate with leaders in governance, such as experienced board members of large corporations and not-for-profit organisations, international (non)executive training institutes and universities and professors throughout the globe. 

Our oversight board is called Curatorium. The Curatorium monitors the quality of our programmes and consists solely professional directors and professors with extensive experience in corporate governance.

All teachers shared different and each additional experiences. It is interesting to hear what they explained. I learned a lot about the Dutch Corporate Governance and Supervisory Board. Good and informative contents.

Member of the Supervisory Board - Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V.

I found the entire evaluation process very constructive and enjoyed working with Governance Academy. I think we all appreciated the interview process and I found your summaries of perceptions extremely useful. I am very much looking forward to digging into your recommendations and have scheduled a meeting with committee chairs to discuss and plan follow-up at committee and full SB levels.Many thanks for the entire process. It was a pleasure.

Chair of the Supervisory Board, Oikocredit 

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