International courses

Governance Academy provides customized board & governance courses in English. The best teachers in our country, all being professors, industry leaders and/or experienced supervisory board members, train participants in board effectiveness, supervisory board chairmanship and Dutch corporate governance systems. A ‘model programme’ is outlined below, as a concrete example.

Programme ‘Good Corporate Governance and working as a Supervisory Board member in a Dutch context’

We have outlined a two-day programme for the participants with an interest in the latest developments in corporate governance systems, laws and codes, and corporate governance development strategies, in a Dutch context.

Objectives of the Programme

The main objectives of this programme concentrate on participants understanding:

  • Developments in board structures of corporations in The Netherlands and forces that shape internal and external corporate governance systems;
  • How Dutch corporate governance systems compare with other systems;
  • The role of legislation and institutional investors in the development of codes of conduct and other forms of self-regulation;
  • Different board models and implications for boardroom dynamics;
  • Leading perspectives of corporate governance and corporate governance development strategies; and
  • How to be effective as a supervisory board member or chair in a Dutch context.

Participants work with tools available to improve the corporate governance structure of corporations”

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